October Beginnings

So I’m back here after more than a year. I never ever follow through what I set out to do, huh :/ Anyway I have decided that this October I’m changing. (It’s never too late for resolutions, right?)

School is finally starting to take a toll on me. And in saying ‘finally’, I actually mean that I’m finally starting to see how much work there is to be done and completed, not that this huge pile hasn’t existed before today. And I’m sitting here at home with my rabbit flopped in her favourite corner, with my 301 notes staring at me (I’ve been on the same page since yesterday) but oh well, some progress has got to be better than no progress, right?


In other news, I am joining the annual internal MJ battle this year! Comes as quite a surprise, since 1) I’m not active in MJ, and 2) I have no friends to join with (kind of why I’m not active in MJ in the first place). In the end I joined with YihFang, one of the craziest (and I mean, literally) batchmates that I have, and have come to know better ever since we performed together for Wild Wild Wet. We’ve met twice to brainstorm (and we’re not planning to meet anymore) and I must say I’m pretty proud of our routines! Not super fabulous but fabulous enough. I guess we’re not that stressed out either, because we’re just doing this to have fun (AND GET A FREE SHIRT. HAHA). I must say I’m quite excited for Wednesday to come, more because I can’t wait to see what the rest of the battlers have prepared. I guess no matter how much I’ve been missing out from MJ, this passion for dance will always bring me back.

Happy Children’s Day, y’all.


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