Most Lovable Rabbit

So we had the initial plan to head to Sentosa for some sun early in the morning, but I overslept. So, change of plans!

We decided to head to Holland Village to study, as we always do. Silly boy played hide and seek with me and when we finally found each other, we headed off to Everything With Fries for lunch! Not without absolutely adorable corgis greeting us as we were on our way:

Settled down and ordered our food. I think eating too much at EwF has changed my impression of them. The food doesn’t seem to taste so good anymore. Haha. Not to discredit them but the Wild NZ King Salmon I ordered was really quite good, actually. Ordered Garlic & Herbs flavoured fries to go along with my main but I think the taste was a little too bland for my liking. Original and Sour Cream & Onion are still the best, in my opinion. πŸ™‚ We were too full for dessert so we set off to Starbucks to study.

After approximately an hour and a half we were chased out >_> The staff was actually really nice, he only chased us out ‘cos it was the peak period, and asked us to come back when the cafe was less full. Lol. But we decided to go to my house instead, because he missed Cuddles too much.

This is Cuddles.

This silly rabbit has all sorts of cute antics up her sleeve, only if you’d let her. And as many bunny lovers have said, “it’s impossible to be happy about your rabbit unless you make it happy first”. Which I guess is true… I let her play with my blanket a few days ago and I think she fell in love with it. LOL.

She started a mini-war underneath the blanket trying to find her way out. I love how retarded she gets.

Today I think she finally wanted to thank me for all these months (and years to come) for my cleaning services. So she started to try to make my bed for me. Apparently it makes her very happy when she manages to iron my blanket flat! She even does 360 degree binkies. You guys MUST watch this, it’s ridiculously cute.

I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE HER AND CARRY HER EVERYWHERE but she doesn’t like being carried, so nevermind. I give her lots and lots and lots of pats and kisses instead πŸ˜€

Also, I think romaine lettuce makes her high. Fed her a piece of it and she ran up and down my bed FIVE TIMES NON-STOP. Amazing.


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