Chocolate Love

3:29AM and I’m sitting in front of my computer in my dorm, staring at my computer with nothing but the sound of the whirring fan to accompany me while my hair dries. My roomie brought her hairdryer home so this is the only alternative that I have. Anyhow, the week has zoomed past and today marks the last day of my recess. 😦 (cue sad music)

The last I left off, I participated in the MJ battle on Wednesday. This is the 5th year that they’re organizing this event, and I must say that standards have been vastly improving year after year. 14 teams participated and even though we failed to go through to the second round, I had a lot of fun together with my partner, and I’m only more than happy that hopefully I’ve managed to forge more friendships and bonds with a few of the other MJ members as well, especially those in my batch. Having MIA-ed for over a year it was super to watch the new and improved members from my batch, and they have improved so much since Dancetitude in 2011!! I’m wondering why I’m still stuck here……… but it’s probably my own fault that I haven’t pushed myself far enough.

I’m full of words, but my bum seems to heavy to be lifted for any action. Excuses, excuses and only more excuses. You need to level up, ningolingo!!!


Thanks for asking me to join battle alongside you, partner! If you weren’t looking for a partner, I probably wouldn’t have joined battle anyway. Thanks for the chance, and I love working with you! 🙂

Thursday was spent with Joanne to discuss our group essay, catch up on several things, and realize how near her house was in proximity to mine! After which I had some family bonding time with my dad and his sister, also my favourite aunt, and we had Hakka food for dinner. Not spectacular, but it’s pretty quiet and quaint, so my dad loves it. Ha!

On Friday I went on a study date with the boyfriend, but I ended up being late. Which made him REALLY angry, and his little actions made me mad as well. It’s so silly, but we made up with each other through our eyes and all was well, after a while. Went to Epilogue, the book cafe under Prologue, to attempt to study, though there was a ‘no studying’ sign there, but thankfully we weren’t chased out! Phew. Went to catch Taken 2 after a few hours of work. IT WAS GREAT. I loved the plot and energy, and even though you know that the protagonist is definitely going to win in the end, the suspense throughout the movie was throat-cut and there were certain parts of the movie at which I couldn’t help but squirm at the bloodiness or cruelty.

Today’s highlight is my grandma’s 88th birthday! I love her to bits even though I don’t express it very well (it must be my dad’s genes) and I honestly feel that she’s one of the most blessed women I’ve ever known, and also the most generous woman I know. Generous not just in the monetary sense but her heart is just full of love. I am always happy to gather with my maternal side of the family because the people are so much warmer and nicer, and take so much more initiative to interact with you. Yet speaking of interaction………..

I feel like I am losing my interpersonal skills.

Have you ever had this feeling? Like no matter what you say, the other person has no idea how to react, or your response just cuts the conversation off? I feel like as if my vocabulary has suddenly got down the chute and I am always using the wrong words to describe myself. Neither am I able to form many coherent sentences when I speak. I seem to be making myself out to be a mentally ill person oh dear… DO I HAVE A DISORDER?!

So today while I was speaking to my best cousin (like best friend, you know?) I felt like there was so little connection when we were speaking. Maybe because a lot of the times my aunt kept interrupting our conversations to catch up with me about her life, my life, her trip to China, her son and more, but our conversations never seemed to last. And it’s frustrating to me, because I feel like the both of us just connect on so many levels, and we have had lesser time to meet up with each other so this day was the day when we could just talk about each others’ lives and just catch up with each other. But it felt so awkward, and the silences were not very comfortable. I am genuinely sad. Maybe I’m thinking too much on my part, but if there’s a problem I’d do anything to resolve it! My family is precious to me and I hope they know that.

Almost 30 minutes and my hair is about dry. Time for bed! Here’s a last photo to end this post:


THE MOST ADORABLE NEPHEW EVER. The family has blessed genes, both kids are super cute!!!! Love them.

P.S: My boyfriend bought A LOT of chocolates today to surprise the surprise that he had intended for me but had accidentally told me about. 😛


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