Sociology and Depression

Just completed two completely crappy and nonsensical essays for my midterm. I major in Sociology.

A lot of people ask me what I want to be when I graduate with a B.A. in Sociology. Honestly, I don’t know, but if you were to ask me about my interest, I’m interested in mass media, in particular broadcast and advertising. For now, though, I’m stuck with studying Sociology and boy, is it depressing.

  1. I can barely understand the words because the vocabulary used is out of this world
  2. I am basically studying about how much the world sucks and how much we’re stuck in this world, and even though it really sucks we can’t do anything about it to make our lives better
  3. We think we have choices, but actually we don’t. We’ve been conditioned since we were born to choose what we choose to choose (I know right. INCEPTION TTM)


Well sure, our lives are way better than in the past when there was slavery and war (not that they don’t still exist, but perhaps on a smaller scale) but in the world today, poverty and corruption is more widespread than ever.

I think studying all these gives me a fresh perception on life. And it’s affecting me more than I would’ve liked. I’m completely LOST as to what I should be doing in life. Should I follow everyone else in this iron cage of bureaucracy or should I pursue something different? If I do the former I’ll be depressed, but if I follow my heart and do the latter, I will die. Literally. There’s no way I can survive in society the way it is today.

Why do we socialize and make friends? Why do we find it so tiring to sustain those friendships? Are they really worth so much?


Friends are the only way we can ever survive this depressing world. That’s why I need to go back to being the perky me and keep my friends close to me. 🙂


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