Black Friday

Well they say be careful on Friday the 13th but I say we be careful when it’s Friday the 26th (cos 13 x 2).

It’s Double the Trouble, yo. 

The day started off really bad, with me sulking about our 13th month (how about that, another 13! :O) anniversary being nothing short of plain nothingness. The boy had food poisoning a few days before and basically he had quite a lack of appetite for food, and me. So we barely met up for an hour during our 13th month and while some may say, “well after the first year you don’t quite count by the month anymore”, I am a hopeless romantic and would die for even a little surprise. Or even the words “happy monthsary” would have done it. Oh well. I have to stop having any expectations or I will just die of unhappiness sooner or later. 

Yet I am pretty worried about this lack of spark. Only one year into our relationship and we are already at such a mellow stage. What happened to young love, to excitement, spontaneity, romance? If he were slightly more of a romantic I would definitely do things for him, make him stuff, cards, just to make him happy. But since we’re at this stage where he is hopeless at this kind of stuff, I don’t even want to start. Because if I give too much without receiving it bloody hurts. 

On to the next curse of this Doubly Black Friday, my rabbit just had to start pissing and pooping all over my room!!!!! I was so annoyed at that but it wasn’t really her fault, the day before I was busy the whole time so she didn’t get much play time out of her cage so I guess she vented her frustrations in that manner. 😦 Today she’s still pooping and peeing all over though, but already it’s much less. Let’s hope she keeps up the good behaviour before my parents are back from their holiday in Australia.

Nevertheless, I had a good day at dance and we managed to finish piecing our entire item together! 


Headed to Halloween Horror Night at USS at night and I swear, please DON’t ever let me spend such ridiculous amounts of money on that event or any such related events, EVER. PLEASE. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic event, the ghosts were really good at what they did, but I was so scared I didn’t want to queue for any of the haunted houses after the first one (there were three). Anyway the queue was monstrous, we had to wait almost 2 hours for the first haunted house. We did however manage to catch a few shows (Monster Rock & the Shrek 4D Adventure). Those were adventure enough for me, thank you very much. Can’t wait for our next visit to USS again though! I love roller coasters. 😀

At that point I was really thankful for the boy who sweetly told me it was okay if we didn’t visit the other haunted houses because he only agreed to go for my sake anyway (though we, or rather I, had to spend a whooping $96 for the two tickets). So enough of Black Fridays, I’d say the Friday ended pretty well (and fast).

I can’t believe another weekend is zooming past. 😦 Boohoo.


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