Just read a friend’s blog and realised how much She bares Her soul out in her posts. So many things I can relate to, so much so I wonder if we’re really that similar, or if people all think of themselves in the same way, in some point of their lives?

Yet for me, this is a channel for me to vent my frustrations, things that I probably look back at and laugh at – how was I so childish then? Yet it still holds an element of truth that I cannot take away. Probably that is in smaller magnitude than I make it sound, or is it really? Maybe I am just playing games with you all here, making myself sound like I’m okay when really I’m not. Or am I?

Random thoughts to get me through the day, while I attempt to study (more productively).

“I met her,
We talked,

It was epic.
The sun came up,
Reality set in…
THIS is reality.” – TVD Season 1 Episode 2


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