The past two days have been really good. πŸ™‚

Attended the Swaggout 3 showcase last night, and it was nothing short of inspiring. Loved watching the dancers do their thing and groove to the music. The groovy pieces were my personal favourites, can’t wait to get my ass back down to dancing after the exams are over!! Need to work on my grooooooove and souuuuuuul. πŸ˜€ Highlight of the night was definitely KOHARU AND THE KIDS!!!!! Loved loved loved mega loved the choreography and as usual, they. Are. INSANE. I cannot stand it everytime they have such tight controls then they just melt into that sensual goodness…

Watch this! It’s my favourite routine from her: [EDIT] I pasted the link from YouTube but I don’t know why it led to this link of hers instead! 😦 it’s okay, you can scroll through her videos from her channel there then. ^^ My favourite is her Cocaine (by Robin Thicke) piece ❀ [/EDIT]

My favourite kid, Mahina, is dancing in there too ❀ That girl’s only 11! And Koharu herself is only 20!! Such an amazing and inspirational choreographer at such an age omg I was SO excited to finally meet her!! She has been my idol since ^THAT. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

Obviously the fangirl in me would NEVER give up the chance for a photo with her, so we took a few with the kids, and one with the whole gang! *starstruck moment*


Such inspiration! Really makes me wonder what I’m doing with my own life sometimes. People out there living their dreams, and I’m making my dream into a little side hobby. :/

TODAY! Was spent out in the CBD studying (abit) and really just leaving campus for a while. Felt good, the day was good, we had amazing food you can find about here, which is a new food blog I’ve set up! Heh heh. Now it’s back to hall and I’ve really gotta finish my essay tonight, so it’s bye for now!



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