I am supposed to be working on my GP (graduation paper) right now. Well I was supposed to be working on it since……. 9am this morning. Yet there have been so many distractions running around in my head that it’s been impossible to catch them all and put them away in boxes for a while until at least I have time to think about them.

Starting to think that embarking on this GP so early was the wrong choice. Ok not really just ‘starting’, I have been thinking about it for some time already but right now I’m really afraid to submit this subpar piece of crap because I know nothing good is gonna yield from it. And what’s the point of submitting something you know is mediocre and that is not gonna do any good for you? :/

I can’t even say okay let’s leave this up to God now, and what will be will be, because I know for myself that I haven’t been putting in the best efforts by myself, so who am I to ask Him to help me tide through this and make it a good piece miraculously? 

Going to write in to the school to see if I can just drop the project altogether. Chances are they’re going to say no… but I’m going to keep my hopes up.


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