Just read a friend’s blog and realised how much She bares Her soul out in her posts. So many things I can relate to, so much so I wonder if we’re really that similar, or if people all think of themselves in the same way, in some point of their lives? Yet for me, this […]

Most Lovable Rabbit

So we had the initial plan to head to Sentosa for some sun early in the morning, but I overslept. So, change of plans! We decided to head to Holland Village to study, as we always do. Silly boy played hide and seek with me and when we finally found each other, we headed off […]

October Beginnings

So I’m back here after more than a year. I never ever follow through what I set out to do, huh Anyway I have decided that this October I’m changing. (It’s never too late for resolutions, right?) School is finally starting to take a toll on me. And in saying ‘finally’, I actually mean that […]